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Reading Assignment 1

Magazine:Popular Photography
Issue: October 2008 Volume 72, NO. 10

Summary: I read an article that had tips from a professional photographer. This article is about tips that can help someone while shooting extreme sports. It said that the best way to shoot extreme sports is to depict all the stages of an aerial stunt with a sequence. The first tip was to plan a peak for action which means that you have to plan to shoot at the movement top of visual impact. Even if you work closely with the athlete to plan the trick you don't really know what is going to happen so you have to plan ahead.

The next tip is to use a fast, wide angle lens. The extremely wide angle also helps spread the stunt across the sky, which made each part of the sequence more distinct and easier to assemble in the photo that was shown by the article. Next you are suppose to shoot in shutter priority or manual mode. Since freezing in extreme sports is tough you should start in shutter priority mode and run tests to ensure proper sharpness. Next is fire in bursts, five frames per second is about the minimum you need to capture enough images for a sequence, athough depending on the sport or trick. You may be able to get away with a slower capture depending on what sport you are shooting and how extreme the sport is.

Next, is sequence by hand, the article talks about using photoshop in the pictures that are shown. It says that the person that wrote the article used the lasso tool to cut the rider in the picture loosely from the important frames. With feathering of the selection, most of them just paste right in but sometimes there is overlap or there needs to be adjusting of the backround. The writer of the article said that "There are so many variations in the photos, so its all done by hand.

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Assignment 2:18 Photos

Sharp Focus

Soft Focus

Assignment 2:18 Photos

Far Distance

Medium Distance

Assignment 2:18 Photos

Close Up Distance

Low Key

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Assignment 2:18 Photos

Straight angle
Down angle
Up angle


High key

Formal Balance

Informal Balance




Leading Lines


Name/Letter Project

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Lesson 1: Introduction to Photography+ Assignment

I chose to take this photo because it creates a shadow around the object. (Radial Symmetry)
I chose to take this picture because it fit under two of the categories, triangulation and breaking the rules. I chose it for breaking the rules because the tree is centered in the middle of the frame. (Breaking the Rules)

I chose to take this picture beacause of the shadowing that the ring creates and how the lighting reflects off of the ring. I also chose to take it because the ring is kind of a symbol. (Interesting Aesthetic)

I chose to take this photo because the snow globe fills the whole picture and there isn't any white space. The picture is interesting because of the point that it was taken at. This picture doesn't really have any importance to me and it was just randomly taken. (Filling the Frame)

I chose to take the picture from this angle because the focal point is really visible. (Focal Point)

I chose to take this photo because it fit the category of arrangement but it also fit juxtaposition so I chose it for that one. (Juxtapostion)

I chose to take this picture because the sun set has a lot of different colors and the sun reflects off the water. (Rule of Thirds)

I chose to take this picture from this angle because it fit the arrangement category. This was kind of just a random theme that I thought out for the picture, there wasn't really any meaning to the photo. (Arrangement)

I chose to take this picture because it shows the overlapping of the trees and the branches. It was taken in my back yard because it there are alot of trees that can look really good in pictures. (Overlapping)

I chose to take this photo because it shows the mid, back and foreground really well. (Back, Mid and Foreground)

I chose to take this photo because i got the necklace from my dad on my thirteenth birthday. I chose to make the necklace into a heart because it sharpens the image so it isn't just a dull photo of the inside of a book. (Axial Symmetry)

I chose to take this photo at this shot because of the distinct triangles that are the stairs and also the focal point is really visible. I chose this photo because it was taken on a vacation and brings back memories of that vacation. (Triangulation)